Signs of Gum Disease in Dogs and Cats

A pet’s health is important to all pet owners. Unfortunately, it can also be difficult to stay on top of pet healthcare, as they can’t just tell their owner when something is wrong. One way in which it’s important to make sure that a pet is healthy is by ensuring that they’re free of gum disease.

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The first sign of gum disease is going to be bad breath from a dog or cat. From there, their owner should check their pet’s mouth for further signs of gum disease. It’s important to be careful doing this, as the pet may be sensitive around the mouth. If they’re sensitive here, then they likely have gum disease. If the pet does let someone take a look, check for brown on the teeth, irritated gums, and blood. All of these are more signs that a pet may be suffering from gum disease.

Once these signs of gum disease are known, it’s important to take a pet to the vet. There, they will be able to receive a professional cleaning to help fight that gum disease, while the vet will have more information on how to prevent gum disease at home.

How to Make Your Veterinary Practice More Efficient

Your vet clinic is more than a clinic. It’s also a veterinary business, and it’s important to make sure you’re running efficiently to keep your clients happy. When your clients are happy, they’ll be more likely to come back to your practice and introduce other potential clients to your veterinary clinic. But just how exactly can you improve the efficiency of your veterinary business? Check out some of our key tips to help you boost the efficiency in your own practice.

Invest in Cloud Hosting Services

Outsource services where possible. Any business not operating in the cloud is behind the times. Most companies today (87%) are running in the cloud. There is a good reason for that. Cloud hosting services help companies save money.

Cloud hosting services provide relief for a company’s IT department. One of the main ways cloud hosting services help companies is by alleviating the burden placed on their IT resources that maintain server hosting. Since cloud services are off-site, IT departments no longer need to worry about troubleshooting issues or maintenance work. Companies can then scale down the staffing hours of the IT Department or have them work on more profitable projects.

Cloud services also save companies money indirectly. With a faster, more streamlined infrastructure, companies become more efficient. According to a study reported by Forbes, more than half (55%) of companies saw an increase in efficiency after they started using the cloud. So while these companies are still spending the same amount of money on labor, the labor value increases. Companies get more done with the same amount of time.

Telephone Services Provided by the Cloud

Telephone services provided by a cloud-based service are another way a business can be more efficient and save money. Voice hosting services reside off-site and are managed by a third-party using the Voice over Internet Protocol via the Internet.

With faster, more streamlined infrastructure, companies get more done. According to a study, 55% of companies saw an increase in efficiency after they began using the cloud.
Utilizing cloud services also helps companies save money by conserving energy. If a company has its own IT Department, service needs to be done on-site. These powerful machines consume vast amounts of energy and need to be cooled, requiring more power. Plus, these machines need to run 24/7. By using cloud servers off-site, the energy bills for the companies come down.

Make Team Members Easy for Clients to Spot

One way of making team members easy to spot is with custom team shirts. With the help of this shirt, employees do not need to spend extra money on office clothes. The team shirt will also help to advertise your clinic’s name.

Some of the other reasons for having team shirts are:

  1. The shirt will play an essential role in the organization by acting as an identification mark for pet parents to spot clinic employees.
  2. It provides a professional image.
  3. It gives customers a sense of trust and confidence.
  4. It provides security and safety.
  5. It works as an effective marketing tool.

The veterinary team shirt will help employees look cohesive and disciplined. From a clinic standpoint, some of the reasons for the team shirt are:

  1. Secures employee protection
  2. Promotes team building
  3. Provides employee benefits
  4. Provides free advertising of business
  5. Creates awareness of the clinic

One of the facts about the team shirt or uniforms is that everyone would wear the same shirt throughout the clinic. Thus, the employees throughout the clinic would be seen as the same regardless of their position in the clinic.

A team shirt can serve as a form of identity for the clinic. It would make it easy for employees to take care of their work clothes, which is vital when working with animals. If unsure of how to proceed with the idea of a team shirt, poll the employees to get their opinions.

Perhaps have all the employees get the same shirt design but in the color of their choice. This way, the employee can choose a color that is flattering to them while at the same time, be cohesive by wearing the same shirt style.

Keep the Clinic at a Comfortable Temperature

Meeting the needs of a hospital is difficult, but when the patients are four-legged in most cases, shed fur or hair, come in various species, and emit all kinds of odors, difficult becomes almost impossible. It is challenging for the HVAC services of veterinary hospitals. Americans spent $72 billion on their pets last year. But money is tight in the facilities.

More demands are put on veterinary hospitals than human hospitals, and they do not have the budget to handle it. Typical project costs at a veterinary clinic are almost $300 per foot, and they are limited in how much they can charge for their services. Although there is pet insurance, it remains primarily a cash business.

MRI machines cost the same for both humans and animals, but the amount charged for their use will be much lower for animals. Another consideration is that the device produces as much heat as its human-scanning counterpart, so the clinic’s HVAC system needs to handle the large load at the lowest cost possible.

Often these pet hospitals require even more intense cleaning than a traditional hospital, which means high-intensity lighting is used for deep cleaning.

Humidity is another challenge for the HVAC system in a veterinary clinic. An HVAC system in a pet clinic needs to be designed to mitigate mold and provide comfort, challenging in high-humidity areas like Florida or Texas.

Each area of a veterinary hospital needs to be odor-free. This is most crucial in the front reception area. Not only do odors need to be controlled, but airborne pathogens need to be controlled. Kennel cough is common, and certain animals are very susceptible to this and other illnesses.

Some airborne illnesses, such as parvovirus, are hazardous for pets. Isolation rooms with 100% ventilation with UV filtering are required to treat this type of disease. A sneeze or cough from one dog could turn a business upside down. That is why sanitizing the air continually is so critical.

To ensure that the ventilation, heating, and air conditioning in your clinic operates at optimum efficiency, contact local heating contractors to inspect your system for your pet patients’ safety and the peace of mind of pet parents.

Cut Down on Energy Costs with Routine Maintenance

Roof inspections should be done twice a year to keep energy costs down and protect the clinic from structural issues and water damage. If your building requires many roof repairs, consider a TPO roofing product. It is a flexible product that is easy for roofing companies to install around roof penetrations such as chimneys, skylights, and vents. This type of roof is lightweight, flexible, weather and heat resistant, and environmentally friendly.

Bring in a roofing service to inspect your roof to ensure there are no missing shingles, holes, worn areas, etc. Many things can happen to a commercial roof during the year. Frozen gutter drains, roof leaks, and excessive buildup of snow can cause your roof to collapse, which would be catastrophic for the animals and the clinic employees.

Temperature changes can then cause the water to freeze within the tiny cracks, causing the roof to expand and contract. With seasonal weather, the changes such as ice melting, then freezing again further widens the cracks causing more damage.

Roofing Inspection

It is recommended that a detailed roof inspection be done to ensure your clinic’s roof is in good condition. A roofer will examine the following things.

  1. Decking – any rot or staining
  2. Surface membranes
  3. Roof vents
  4. Flashing
  5. Field tears
  6. Gutters
  7. Drainage pipes

A routine commercial roof inspection will uncover minor problems before they can become major problems. Many potential problems can be detected, but if you contact a commercial roofing specialist, they can handle these repairs before the repairs become more costly.

Clean the Rooftop

The inspector will check for debris that needs to be removed from the roof of your clinic. Debris such as branches, leaves, and other trash must be removed to make drainage possible from the rooftop.

Check for Standing Water

The roofing inspector will check for evidence of ponding by looking for areas that are blocked or looking for slow-draining lines. If there has been settling water on the roof for any length of time, there may be color stains or changes on the rooftop around the drains. A professional evaluation will need to be done to determine if any underlying damage has occurred due to standing water on the roof.

Check Flashing

The roofing inspector will also examine the flashing to find cracks or crevices to ensure they are repaired before the season’s change. There are typically more cracks and other failures around transition areas. This is particularly true where the flashing goes from flat to vertical because there is more stress on these areas. If flashing issues are found, they should be repaired before cold weather sets in.

Check Field for Tears or Cracks

A commercial inspection of the roof field will need to be done. If any debris is found, signs of tears or cuts in the roofing system will need to be fixed before structural damages appear. If the inspector feels there is an existing leak in the field but cannot find it, a “flood test” can be done to ascertain the damage.

Inspect Terminations in the Parapet Walls

The terminations in the parapet walls need to be adequately sealed. Your roofing professional will look at the base of the wall to make sure there are no signs of cracking or failure. These issues need to be addressed to prevent more extensive damages in the future.

Check the Edge Detailing

All the edge materials need to be secured tightly and terminated. If they are not, a professional needs to properly secure anything loose to close gaps that could allow the elements inside.

Inspect Roof Surface

The roofer will inspect the roof surface to ensure that nothing has lifted or shifted during a storm. Wind damage can cause lots of damage to a roof.

The Gutters and Drains

Drains and gutters can play a role in standing water and need to be checked. If your gutters are clogged, the water will pool on your roof. Do not allow standing water to remain on your roof. On asphalt-based roofs, standing water can quickly lead to roof failure, especially during the winter. To prevent this, remove any debris that has built up in the gutters.


The last step in the inspection will be to check the downspouts and the downspout terminations on the ground. These sections can become damaged or crushed from passing vehicles or lawn maintenance equipment. If they are damaged, they need to be replaced to avoid further issues developing.

Make Sure Your Roof is Prepared for Every Season

With the right roofing techniques and proper maintenance, expensive damages to your roof can be avoided as time goes on. If you schedule routine inspections on your roof, your building will be prepared for the freezing temperatures in the winter or the summer heat.
Many companies will provide a roofing inspection free of charge. But you will know you have roofing issues if there are leaks, excessive mildew or mold, or pooling water. If there was a recent hail storm or if it has been over six months since your last inspection, it is recommended that you get another inspection as quickly as possible by a professional roofing company.

Most will provide inspections on flat roofs, metal roofs, sloped roofs, membrane roofs, etc. Running a veterinary clinic cannot be easy. There are anxious pet parents to calm down, pacifying scared patients, and keeping your staff safe are your top priorities. But if the roof on your clinic building is in good repair, everyone and every pet will be safe and secure, something you will need if you offer boarding at your clinic. All your employees, pet parents, and cuddly patients will be glad you care enough to provide this safety and peace of mind.

7 Tips for Establishing a Respected Veterinary Business in Your Community

Owning a pet has tons of benefits, not the least of which include companionship, reduced stress, and an overall increase of satisfaction in life. Many people in the United States have at least one pet. In fact, there are over 89.7 million pet dogs in the country. With the prevalence of pets, owners need a reliable and reputable veterinary business that can help their animals live a long, healthy, and happy life.

If you are considering opening a veterinary business, you might not be quite sure where to start. Keep reading to find seven tips that will help you launch a successful veterinary business.

Rent Property in a Quiet but High-Traffic Area

You have probably heard the phrase that when it comes to real estate, it is all about location, location, location. If you are planning on opening a veterinary business and you need to buy or rent commercial property, the location you choose is absolutely crucial to the success of your business.

The right location will provide your business with valuable exposure and a number of organic marketing opportunities, while the wrong space could lead to slower growth or even struggling to stay open due to slow business.

When you are thinking about where to set up your veterinary business, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, consider both the vehicle and foot traffic the space receives. You want to be easily visible and recognizable, but you also want to choose an area that offers a quiet and peaceful atmosphere for both owners and animals.

Next, consider your commercial property from a growth standpoint. Will you be able to grow your business in this area? What are the surrounding businesses like? Are there any competitors, or are there likely to be competitors in the future? You want to reasonably distance yourself from any competition, but you don’t want to be so out of the way that customers forget you exist.

Lastly, you want to consider your customers. The ideal location for a veterinary business is the perfect blend of visibility and convenience. A busy intersection might seem like a great choice due to the high traffic, but it might not be the most convenient location for your customers to reach. You want to make sure your customers are not inconvenienced, while also making sure your business remains visible.

Make Sure the Entrance is Inviting

Curb appeal is important for both residential and commercial properties and if you plan on opening a veterinary business, you want to be sure you make a great first impression. With inviting storefront awnings, greenery, and professional commercial paving services, you captivate guests before they are even in the door.

Pets are often more than animals to owners, they are like children. As such, you want to create an entrance that is warm and inviting. Bells can be a helpful way to know you have a customer, but they can also lead to skittish cats and dogs, so you also want to be mindful of creating an entrance that is quiet and soothing.

You want to make getting in the door with an animal of any size as easy as possible for pet owners, so take into consideration the size of your entrance. Sliding doors can be very helpful for pet owners with their arms full of scared dogs or squirming cats, so having professionals install sliding doors can be a way to enhance convenience for your customers.

An entrance gives the guest a first impression of the business and you want to create an entrance that makes a great first impression of your veterinary business. Keep the area clean and clutter-free, and add personal touches like pet-safe plants or photos of your pet patients to welcome customers into your business.

Create an Outside Play Area for Animals and Pet Owners

Whether you are opening a veterinary business that will double as a place for customers to board their animals or not, an outside play area is a great idea. Not only is an outside play area a fun attraction for guests, but it also provides a perfect spot for dogs in the event they need to go to the bathroom.

When setting up an outside play area, the number one thing to keep in mind is the safety and security of pets and their owners. If your veterinary business is on a property that does not have fencing, get in contact with a local fence company. Their professionals can help you decide what type of fencing will be best for your needs, including your design aesthetic and budget.

Once you have the area fenced in, make sure you are properly equipped. Since dogs go to the bathroom outside, it is a good idea to keep waste bags and receptacles at the ready. You may also want to provide a few toys or tunnels for dogs and other animals to play with.

An outdoor play area is not just fun for animals and their owners, it is a practical addition. Most pets can sit comfortably in a waiting area without causing distress to other animals, but some cats and dogs are a bit more high-maintenance. Having an outdoor area where guests can take their pets is a way to provide a special area for animals that need a bit of isolation, and allows those waiting inside to do so more calmly.

Hire Local Companies to Keep Your Business Safe

If you want to become a trusted veterinary business within your community, it is crucial to be involved in your community. Getting to know local business owners and using their services for your veterinary business is a great way to network within your local area. Whether you need electrical services, commercial painting, or plumbers, nobody knows your market better than your fellow business owners.

As you consider working with local companies, do not be afraid to get creative. Want to provide beverages for your guests while they wait for their appointment? Why not contact a local coffee shop and see if they would be willing to supply beverages for your guests to enjoy as they wait? Love the look of fresh greenery? Talk to a local florist about a weekly delivery of pet-safe greenery and flowers.

The more involved you become in your local community, the more visible your veterinary business becomes. You can also partner with local businesses to host and sponsor events that will bring the community together.

Launch a Navigable Website

The first thing most people do when looking for information about local businesses is turn to the internet. Without a well-designed and consumer-friendly website, it can be hard to grab the attention of potential clients. What do customers look for in a website?

According to industry experts and reputable IT staffing solutions companies, the number one thing people want from a website is clear and easily accessible information. You want to provide enough information that your client feels they know what to expect from your business, but not so much information that they are overwhelmed and overloaded.

Keeping navigation near the top of the page is also a desirable function of a website. If people can easily see where certain information is located, they do not have to spend time hunting for things like contact information or hours of operation. Not only do people not like wasting time, but if your website is difficult to navigate, they may give up on your business and check out a competitor.

One critical thing businesses tend to overlook is how a website appears on mobile devices. With people more connected to their phones than ever before, many users will be viewing your page from a phone or tablet, so choose IT professionals who know how to format a site for optimal mobile usability.

You may also want to spend some time researching website speed and seeing how you can optimize yours. People lead busy lives, as do you, and when constantly on the go, people do not want to spend time waiting for images to load. In fact, nearly 40% of users will leave a website if images take too long to load. Anything that you can do to make information about your veterinary business easy to locate and quick to load will help your customers engage with your website, the content on it, and ultimately your business.

Install a Comfortable Waiting Room Area for Customers

A successful veterinary business depends on many things, one of which is the experience you provide to your clients. The experience should start with a smooth check-in process and a comfortable environment for guests who need to wait until their pet is called into an exam room.

An important part of creating a comfortable waiting room area is the front desk. You want to choose a piece that is both inviting and practical. Like kitchen granite countertops, your front desk needs to withstand daily use and frequent cleaning, so choose your materials wisely. Granite, porcelain, and quarts are good choices due to their durability.

Temperature is another vital component of keeping your guests comfortable, so make sure you have working heating and air conditioning prior to opening your veterinary business. If your system has any problems, call a local HVAC contractor to make any repairs or replacements, and sign up for a routine maintenance plan that comes with an annual checkup to prevent future problems.

You do not need a huge waiting area for your guests, but you should give guests a comfortable amount of space between seating areas. Rather than using medical-type waiting room chairs, why not choose a few cushy chairs or loveseats? This helps the animal owners coming into your veterinary business feel more at home and relaxed.

Provide Information for Other Local Businesses in the Community

A veterinary business with deep roots in the community will help other businesses in the community as well. While you do not have to list every single business in your immediate area, having a community board with information your guests may need can be very helpful, and help you spread goodwill to other businesses in your area.

Consider placing an information board near the reception area or seating area, as these are places where information is easily visible and guests congregate. You do not need to put a ton of effort into a community board. A simple bulletin board that is well thought out and eye-catching is all you need to help your customers find information that might be of interest to them. Of course, a fun and friendly pet theme is a bonus for your community bulletin board, but the main thing is to get accurate information readily accessible to customers.

What kind of businesses should you promote or provide information on? That is entirely up to you. You may want to offer contact information on automotive maintenance services, home companion care, or even your favorite local eatery.

Do you have a local dog bakery? Is there a specialty pet shop that provides toys, leashes, harnesses, and other items dogs, cats, and other small mammals need? Are local groomers looking to attract more customers? Promoting local businesses that are related to your veterinary business can be another great way to help your pet owners. Additionally, collaborating with other area businesses is an easy and effective way to increase the visibility of your veterinary business.

Running a successful veterinary business is easier when you know what your guests are looking for and how you can maximize their satisfaction. Hire knowledgeable veterinarians, vet techs, and other professionals who will take care of every animal that comes through the door as they would their own pet. Front desk staffing is also critical because a negative first impression will severely inhibit your ability to create repeat business. With a comfortable waiting area, clean and friendly front desk, and information to help your customers and their pets feel at ease, you will give your pet owners a great first impression.

Build Your Own Dog Run

You can build your own dog run so that your pup has a place to get outdoors and enjoy the weather while they enjoy a little freedom. A well-adjusted dog is a pleasure. A dog run can help you to provide a great lifestyle for your furry friend.

Making sure your pup has a place to call their own in the yard serves a couple of different purposes with many benefits for both the dog and the two-legged family members. You can build your own dog run in a few hours. Learn how to build your own dog run and start enjoying all the benefits.

How Can Your Dog Benefit From Having A Designated Space?

You may think that because your dog loves you so much that all they need is to spend time with you indoors. The fact is keeping a dog in the house day in and day out with walk breaks in between actually goes against your dog’s natural instinct. Dogs love being outdoors and a dog run promotes exercise which is vital for your pets physical and emotional health.

Put yourself in your pup’s paws. Imagine if day in and day out you had nothing to do but roam around the house and wait until someone grabbed the leash. How boring that would be. Of course, bored dogs can easily turn into destructive dogs that like to do things like eat shoes, or dig around in the carpet.

When you build your own dog run you are taking the steps necessary to give your dog a safe space outdoors where they can get exercise and stimulation that they cannot find by sitting in the house. All the smells and sights outdoors are invigorating for your pet. A dog run can help to keep your pooch stimulated.

When you build your own dog run following some simple steps you will encourage your pup to get the exercise that they need which will help to keep them in good health. Next time you need to visit your vet at the animal hospital ask them what they think about having a secure area outdoors made especially for your pup. You will hear all about the benefits of a pup that gets enough exercise.

Here are some benefits that your dog will enjoy after you build your own dog run:

  • Safety. Turning your dog loose in the yard may seem like a safe way to get them outside, but there are dangers all over the yard that you may not even realize exist. Certain plants are poisonous to dogs. Weed killers and other chemical residues can be a danger to your dog. A dog run can be the safest way to give your dog some freedom.
  • If you live in a community with very nearby neighbors you can build your own dog run if you do not want to fence in the entire yard. Your dog will be less of a nuisance to the neighbors if they are able to go outdoors and be contained which can also be safer for your dog.
  • It will give them something to look forward to. Most dogs love the idea of being out in the “wild” on their own for a little while. When you build your own dog run you are giving your dog the opportunity to have some freedom.

In the US we love dogs, there are over 89 million pet dogs, and most dog people will do anything to ensure that their fur baby is well adjusted and stays healthy. Taking the time to build your own dog run with an affordable custom fence is an easy way to make sure you are doing all you can to keep your pup on the right track both physically and emotionally.

Benefits for The Two Legged Residents

Making the decision to build your own dog run by erecting a fence in the yard is not only a good idea for your dog but it is a good idea for the humans that share the space. A dog run is a great way to designate an area away from play spaces for the children and the garden for your dog.

A dog run ( dog kennel) ensures that your pup has free reign in that designated space and you can worry less about them getting injured in the yard. Your gardens will stay safe from a dog that likes to dig, and you can worry less about yard art and furnishings.

You do not have to get too fancy when you build your own dog run, it just takes some basic materials and maybe some exterior lighting if you want to ensure that your put can use the run in the evenings. Giving your dog a place of their own in the yard is good for everyone in the family, and for your property.

There is nothing better than knowing you are doing everything in your power to keep your pup safe and out of harm’s way. Of course, it is also nice when you and your dog can live in harmony. It is a great feeling knowing that you can open the door take your dog outside and not have to worry that they are in any type of danger and that your property is not getting destroyed. It makes for a much happier home for everyone.

How To Build Your Own Dog Run

The Humane Society has some recommendations to help you build your own dog run. The first step to build your own dog run is to decide where you want it to be in the yard. Choosing the location is an important step.

Look for spots in the yard that are naturally shaded and that will be easy to clear. You may want to consider contacting a company that offers lawn spraying services that include weed and grass removal. Starting with a dirt base can be best.

Once you have your location picked out it is time to get started preparing the space. You can get all the supplies you need from a fence company. The Humane Society recommends that you make the run longer than it is wider to encourage exercise. The experts say 10 feet long by 3 feet wide is the ideal size for a medium to large-sized dog.

Pick your ground cover. Let’s face facts grass is not going to survive in the dog run but there are some ground covers that work great including:

  • Pine and Cyprus mulch. Before you use Pine or Cyprus mulch you may want to have your dog tested for allergies to these materials.
  • Sand. Sand can be a good option which typically is allergen-free but may not be the best option if you live in a very hot climate where the sand can heat up.
  • Artificial turf. If you are committed to having a uniform backyard and want to keep everything looking green artificial turf can be a great solution. It is easy to clean and looks a lot like the real thing.

When you build your own dog run, keep in mind that you will need a ground cover that you can easily keep clean whether by raking it or hosing it off. It is strongly suggested that you do not leave the ground uncovered because viruses, parasites, and other unwanted risks can easily develop in uncovered dirt.

You can do what a lot of property maintenance companies do for community dog parks. They use a layer of pea gravel that is about two inches thick then cover it up with rubber mulch. The pea gravel ensures drainage while the rubber mulch is good for the paws.

Once you have your space picked out, and your ground cover picked out it is time to order your fencing supplies. Depending on the size of your dog, you can choose between a three-foot, four foot, or even a six-foot fence. How high you go with the fence depends on how high your dog can jump, and whether they are diggers or not. Obviously, the bigger the dog the higher the fence.

Gather Your Supplies

It is best to order all the supplies that you are going to need click that garage door opener and store everything until the day you are ready to get started. Having all the supplies in one place will ensure that you can get the job done quickly.

When you order the supplies to build your own dog run consider that your dog will need a place to get out of the heat. Order materials so that you can build a shelter on top of the run, if you think that may be more building than you want to commit to, then consider ordering a dog house that can be placed inside the dog run.

Make sure you do not forget to order water supplies for the dog run. Investing in an automatic waterer will ensure your pup always has a supply of fresh clean water while they are outdoors.

Some other supplies that you should order at the same time are:

  • Quikrete Cement to secure the fence posts.
  • A post hole digger if you do not have one.
  • Cement pavers for the exterior of the fence if you have a digger.

Make a checklist of the materials that you will need to build your own dog run before you get started to ensure that you have everything that you will need on hand. There is nothing worse than having to stop a project because you do not have the supplies you need.

Get To Work

You have all your supplies, picked your spot, now the only thing left to do is get the project underway. Here are the steps to build your own dog run:

  • Step1. Rake the space and tamp down the ground using a tamper. Once you have a flat surface get out your tape measure and decide where the fence posts will go and mark each spot with landscaping marking paint.
  • Step 2. You can hand dig the post holes or you can use a post digger. Cementing in the posts will ensure that they are sturdy.
  • Step 3. Stretch the fencing material across the posts. If your dog is a digger, consider sinking the fencing material below the dirt line by digging a trench that is three or four inches deep and placing the fencing in the trench as you stretch it from post to post.
  • Step 4. Spread the ground cover, place the shelter, and add the water supplies, and you are done.

The hardest part when you build your own dog run is digging the post holes. Everything else is a breeze. This is a one day project. If you have some help you can probably get it done in less than a day.

Add On Options

You can keep it really simple when you build your own dog run or you can add some custom touches. For example, creating a “patio space” for your dog in the dog run can make their dog run feel more like a true doggy backyard. All you need are some pavers to create a hard surface space for your pup within the run.

We hit on the idea of exterior lighting for the dog run. Exterior lighting can be a great way to provide light for your pup and to dress up space. Solar lights are readily available which means you do not have to worry about running electricity to the area.

A simple roof can be added to the dog run to ensure your pup enjoys a cooler shady location while they are in their run. There are plenty of ways to customize the dog run to make it more hospitable for your pup and to add some designer touches to the yard.

A good rule of thumb to follow when you are considering add on’s is to choose materials that are durable and easy to clean. Remember, this is going to be your dog’s home away from home outdoors and it is likely to get pretty messy.

A dog run will be a great addition to your yard for both you and your fur baby. You can build your own dog run and help your dog to have a lifestyle they feel great about.

Factors to Consider When Buying Corals

Nowadays, thanks to globalization, people have access to all types of corals. If collecting corals is your hobby, you’re surrounded by colorful and evocative-shaped temptations within different price ranges.

So, do you want to buy coral online? Well, purchasing various corals like Ultron Favia is quite easy. The only challenge is, how do you make the right purchase at the best price? Consider following these tips.

1. Plan Your Purchase

Before making your purchase, it is important to know the type of aquarium you want to rear. Remember, not all corals require the same lighting, current or chemical parameters.

For example, many soft corals release various substances in a process known as chemical warfare to inhibit the growth of its neighbors. Don’t let the colorful anemones charm you to an extent you fail to consider the damages that are likely to roam the aquarium.

On the other hand, some corals require low nutrient levels to show all t

What You Need To Know About Your New Dog

Getting a dog is something that many people are interested in doing here in the United States. After all, rates of dog ownership are quite high indeed all throughout the country. In fact, recent data even shows that there are up to 78 million dogs found in varying households all throughout the country as a whole. This means that, effectively, there are dogs in as many as 44% of all homes in this country alone. Dogs are much loved companions in just about any given home, but it is certainly important to note that dogs are a big responsibility and that taking on a dog (or really any other pet, for that matter), a big decision to make, and most certainly not one that should be taken lightly by any means.

For one thing, first you’ll want to decide where to get your animal. For one thing, there are more options than some people are aware of – at least actively so. Getting a dog from a breeder is one option, and one that many people end up taking advantage of. As a matter of fact, up to

How To Prevent Ticks On Your Dogs

As summertime rolls around, you’re likely going to spending a lot more time outside. Whether you’re hanging out in the backyard or going for a nature walk or hike, there are plenty of reasons to get outside and take your dog with you.

Being outside this time of year gives your dog plenty of opportunity to stay active. But being outside also brings the threat of ticks. It’s possible to pick up fleas and ticks during most of the year, but it’s an even bigger problem during the spring and summer months. Every year you seem to hear more and more about how this summer’s going to be the worst summer for ticks in a long time.

So how does a dog get ticks? Ticks are parasites that can attach themselves to your dog. The bad part is a tick will stay there until it dies or you use some kind of product to kill it. A tick is most dangerous when it’s in its nymph and adult stages and can even produce eggs when feeding from your furry friend. One good tip to help prevent tic

The ESA Application Letter and Online Qiualifications Available to Help with Approval

Emotional support animals have become a popular topic around the United States and the world. Given the rate of post-traumatic stress disorder experienced by adults, almost eight million Americans, there is a helpful benefit to having certified emotional support animals. This is an especially common issue with military veterans, and it is helpful that online qualification for an ESA pet is now available.

Online Qualification for an ESA Letter

While there is an initial application for ESA qualification, there is a later need for ESA pet training. Luckily, with the value of the internet today, you are able to apply for an ESA letter online. This helps to gain the qualification quickly while planning for the pet that you need and preparing for ESA pet training. ESA pets can help with treatment and recovery from depression, social anxiety disorder, and many other emotional troubles. Therefore, online qualification for ESA pets is extremely helpful to all those looking to kee

Incorporating Coral in Your Saltwater Aquariums

For a lot of people, starting and maintaining any kind of aquarium at home can be an immensely pleasurable activity. Learning about the different aquatic habitats, starting the life of aquatic creatures, and creating visually stunning aquascapes can definitely be a pleasurable activity for many if you go about it the right way. If you are looking to start your own aquarium at home, there can be a number of ways you can make this project more interesting. Apart from fish, there can be a wealth of other aquatic life forms that you can grow in your aquarium that can make life much more interesting for you and provide you with a pleasant pastime to engage with.

While fish, shrimp, snails, and other aquatic creatures are frequently sought after by aquarium enthusiasts, there can be a number of other aquatic life forms that you can grow in your saltwater tank. One of the most visually stunning and rewarding things that you can grow in your saltwater aquarium is coral. Growing coral can

Take Better Care Of Your Pets with the Help of a Nearby Veterinary Clinic

One of the most fulfilling and rewarding experiences in life can come from owning a pet. Having a pet dog or cat at home can be a life-affirming experience, teaching you important lessons about compassion and care while also putting you closely in touch with fierce loyalty and companionship. This is the reason why so many households in the country dogs and cats as pets and have a great time enjoying their company. If you have a pet at home, one of your prime responsibilities is to make sure that your pet gets to enjoy the best of health at all times. This is where the right veterinary services at a nearby veterinary clinic can really come in handy.

When it comes to taking care of pets, a lot can hinge on the quality of medical service that you have available. Just like humans, animals like dogs and cats can also develop a number of health problems and diseases and is important that you make all the right moves in order to protect them from these problems. There can be a number of