Whether it’s your first or tenth time leaving your dog home for vacation, you will still worry about them. It’s very important to case your dog boarding company before you leave you best friend there overnight. Different boarding locations provide different services and have different amenities.

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Some may specialize in little dogs, while others have a mix of both small and little. Some are chain locations, and some are one-of-a-kind farm stays. In order to keep you confident in your dog boarding choice, this video gives you answers to many of the most frequently-asked questions regarding dog boarding companies.

A few decisions regarding your dog’s care rely solely on your dog’s personality. For example, some dogs are shy and reserved and prefer to play alone rather than with others. If this is the case, then sending your dog to a crowded doggie day care center all day would probably give them major anxiety and wouldn’t be a preferable option. Quiet dogs like this should be kept in their homes to avoid stress. In 2022, there are several apps that assist in finding in-house pet sitters. Both pet-sitters and dog boarding services are happy to take in your dog, but which will keep your dog happy is a whole separate decision.


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