What type of horse stall bedding is best? There are a wide range of options including pine pellet horse stall bedding. This video takes you on a review of pine pellet horse stall bedding and how to activate the pellets to prepare the bedding. This step-by-step tutorial will take you through the entire process from how to cut the bags open to how to wet down the pellet while they remain in the bag.

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Having a bedding area in the horse’s stall is important. It provides them with a place to rest and makes cleaning the stall easier. The pellets turn to saw dust over time so after the first initial install, all you have to do is replenish the bedding area about once a week.

This in-depth video shows you how to handle the pellets, even how to get the pellets out of the bag. The presenter shows you how economical this type of bedding can be. It is amazing to watch how much volume can come out of one bag of bedding. Any horse owner would appreciate watching this video. It is chockful of information and shows you exactly what the benefits of pine pellets can be for your stall.

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