It’s shocking to hear that around three to four million cats and dogs are being euthanized each year. And they are not just the ones who have incurable diseases or are too old to continue bringing joy to families.

Based on a report by The Humane Society of The United States, the number of cats and dogs who end up getting euthanized even though they are healthy enough to be adopted is around one every 11 seconds. And if you don’t want to add your family pet to the number of euthanized animals, you might want to consider getting a spay and neuter operation for your furry friend.

With about 70,000 dogs and cats born each day, you can just imagine how many end up becoming homeless and getting booked into animal shelters each year. Experts say that the rounding up, housing, and euthanizing of homeless animals amount to over a billion dollars of taxpayers’ money annually.

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In this video by Jackson Galaxy, you’ll discover the importance of a spay and neuter operation.

Many pet owners don’t want their pets to undergo this procedure due to several reasons. Some are afraid that spaying and neutering can put their pets at risk of certain diseases, while others are concerned that their cats will gain weight after the procedure.

Watch the entire video as Jackson addresses all these common misconceptions and more.


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