A pet’s health is important to all pet owners. Unfortunately, it can also be difficult to stay on top of pet healthcare, as they can’t just tell their owner when something is wrong. One way in which it’s important to make sure that a pet is healthy is by ensuring that they’re free of gum disease.

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The first sign of gum disease is going to be bad breath from a dog or cat. From there, their owner should check their pet’s mouth for further signs of gum disease. It’s important to be careful doing this, as the pet may be sensitive around the mouth. If they’re sensitive here, then they likely have gum disease. If the pet does let someone take a look, check for brown on the teeth, irritated gums, and blood. All of these are more signs that a pet may be suffering from gum disease.

Once these signs of gum disease are known, it’s important to take a pet to the vet. There, they will be able to receive a professional cleaning to help fight that gum disease, while the vet will have more information on how to prevent gum disease at home.

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