Four Things Every Pet Owner Needs to Know Before Experiencing a Veterinary Emergency

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Having a veterinary emergency is every pet parent’s worst nightmare. Your four-legged companion got himself in a pickle, and now he’s walking with a limp. They’re mysteriously listless and have no appetite. Unfortunately, when you have a veterinary emergency, you aren’t able to ask the patient where it hurts or what happened. You don’t know if your suspicion that you’re dealing with an all-out veterinary emergency is valid, or if you’re just being a little over-anxious.

We know your furry friend is part of the family and you want to take the best care of them that you possibly can, so we’ve put together a quick reference guide for when visiting an animal hospital is a good idea.

How Pet Insurance Can Help You With the Costs of Owning a Pet

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Most people carry health insurance on their families. However, very little people carry pet health insurance. Pet health insurance works similar to a human?s health insurance. The pet owners pay a monthly premium and if the pet has a medical concern, the insurance is then billed. The pet owner will be responsible for a small copay, which is often much cheaper than the full cost of the visit. Pet health insurance can be beneficial for a variety of conditions.

Routine vaccinations Just as humans require yearly vaccinations against diseases, so do pets. The type of vaccination that is given to your pet will depend on what type of pet they are. Cats require different yearly vaccinations than dogs do. S

Prepare for the Unexpected with Pet Health Insurance for Your Dog


Are you looking for a pet health insurance plan for your dog? Something to cover any illnesses or accidents that may occur?

Since your dog is part of your family, you want to do everything in your power to ensure that he or she is doing well. If you have a new puppy, in addition to taking them for vaccinations and regular wellness visits, you’re also going to make sure they have healthy food to eat and have lots of playtime and regular exercise.

When you’re caring for senior dogs, they may have a variety of health issues that can be addressed when you take them to regular veterinary appointments. They may have special dietary needs or other conditions that may require medical procedures and medication. Furthermor

How Many Pets Have You Owned in Your Life?

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At his age of 84, you have rarely seen your father sad or upset. You have seen him angry, but rarely sad.
The last time that he visited the house, however, you noticed that something was wrong. Your father finally explained that he had lost his last barn cat. He had noticed that the cat kept disappearing for a few days at a time and when your dad did see the cat, it was not looking great. Then, one morning, your dad found the cat’s body outside in a bush behind the barn. Your dad suspects a raccoon got a hold of the weakened animal. Although your dad said that the barn cats were simply around to keep the mice away, it was very evident that he was accustomed to the cats coming to the front door and waiting. Waiting to see your dad. Waiting to get the warm milk he brought them on the cold morn

Ensuring Proper Pet Health — Regular Visits to an Animal Hospital

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For many, having a pet in the house is a rewarding, life-affirming experience that makes people more caring, more loving and more empathetic. Having a pet is also something that you can cherish on a daily basis, as your pet provides you with love, devotion, loyalty and companionship — qualities that people do not always get to cherish during the course of their lives. When it comes to pets, whether you have a traditional choice of pet like a cat or dog or something more exotic, it is always important to ensure that your pet remains in the best of health. Minor health problems need to be resolved immediately while your pet should also be checked for major concerns so that these can be detected at early stages, or better, prevented altogether. For this reason, if you have a prized pet at home, it is always a good mov

Which Dog Breed Best Fits You?

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When it comes to opinions on dogs, people do not mess around. A person is either very much a dog person, or definitely not a dog person. Everyone has their favorite breed, and most will be quick to tell you where they stand on their preference of size for a dog. The size preference might be given away, for example, if you hear someone refer to a small dog as a loud, yappy ankle biter. But many professional dog trainers will tell you that despite the various types of breeds and sizes and temperaments, much of the dog’s behavior will mirror both their puppy training and their owners.

Why a dog trainer is crucial for your puppy
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Is Your Cat Not Feeling Great? Here Are Some Things You Can Do Make Them Feel Better

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People in the United States love their pets. The vast majority (94%) report that they smile more than once a day because of their pet. Americans spent $60.28 on their pets and $5.41 to board and groom their pets in 2015. Like people, our pets suffer from a variety of health problems that are similar to ours. They can have allergies, illnesses and injuries that closely resemble the ones we have and just about any procedure that people can get, pets can have done. It is not unusual for dry skin on cats to be a real problem, for instance. There are things you can do at home to help your cat feel better when they are not feeling great.


5 Reasons that You Should Buy Pet Insurance

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It’s normal for us to have our own health insurance but because it’s not the law to have insurance for pets, we don’t really think about it. However, having insurance for older pets can be very beneficial. There are several different options for pet health insurance plans, just as there are for human insurance policies, you just have to choose with health care for animals will benefit your pet the most. Insurance for older pets it’s the only time you want insurance for your furry friends.

Keep Your Pets Healthy and Happy with Natural Pet Products and Remedies

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If you have pets, they are part of your family. That Americans love their pets is evidenced by the fact in 2015, people in the United States spent $60.28 billion caring for pets. One reason we love our pets is how they make us smile. In fact, about 94% of pet owners say they smile multiple times a day because of their pets. This is the reason so many of us turn to natural pet products to care for our furry companions.

6 Natural Ways to Care for Your Pet:

  1. Keep their food additive free. To save money, many pet food companies add fillers in with the vegetables and meats. These include low quality grains, artificial sweeteners and animal byproducts. Check all of the labels to make sure your pet foods list chicken, lamb, fish, beef or turkey at

6 Ways to Remember Without Writing Anything Down

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Humans can tend to be very forgetful. I had a calendar on my phone full of birthdays, anniversaries, appointment reminders, to do lists, grocery lists and other things that were important to remember. The problem was, I kept forgetting to check it. That’s not a joke, it’s true. Most people lose their keys or the phone on a regular basis. There was even talks of a shoe with a beeper going on the market so people could find their missing shoes, especially kids shoes. However, it was nixed because they figured the beeper would also get lost and it was pointless. Doctors offices and places like that will send out appointment reminder postcards in order to cut down on no ca