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You have a seven dog rule.
The walk around the park, if taken twice, is equal to a mile. And while you really do have a goal to walk more, you are getting really frustrated with all of the dog owners not picking up after their pets. As a result, you now have a rule that if you meet seven dogs on your walk, you quit. Even if you have not yet finished your mile, you call it quits.
It may seem like a pretty crazy guideline to follow, but the fact of the matter is that you have reached the conclusion that for every seven dog owners you see, at least one will not be carrying doggy waste bags. And you are an expert at looking for those doggy waste bags. You have made the mistake in the past of thinking that most of the owners not having doggy waste bags with them, but you have since discovered that the dog poop bags are not always easy to pick out. So rather than stare so intently at all of the dog owners, you are now just a counter. As soon as you count the seventh dog walker, you head back home.
Why Is It That So Many Pet Owners Do Not Carry Dog Waste Bags When They Walk?
Responsible pet owners never leave home without enough doggy waste bags to pick up after their pets. Unfortunately, there seems to be a growing number of pet owners who are not all that responsible. And even though many cities and parks now have fines for people who do not clean up after the pet, there will always be pet owners who will avoid and ignore their responsibility.
Some apartment complexes and other associations only let their residents have a pet if the owner submits a feces sample so that the dog can be biologically identified. This identification is then cataloged and used to identify any dog waste that is not picked up. This may seem like a pretty extreme step to take, but it is a step that many property owners are willing to take to make sure that they have a safe and clean place to offer to their renters and their buyers.
Consider some of these statistics about pets and the healthy way that owners can protect other pets and people:

  • Poet owners have a responsibility every time they take their dog for a walk.
  • Instead of leaving their dog’s mess, responsible owners pick up after their pet.
  • Canines are a part of 46.3 million households.
  • Keeping a neighborhood park clean is a priority for many surrounding home owners.

  • Unfortunately, an estimated 40% of dog owners do not pick up their pet?s poop.
  • Practically 37% to 47% of all households in America have a dog.

  • The fact of the matter is that most cities have imposed fines, sometimes as much as $750, if an owner does not clean up after a dog in a public area.
  • Having a place where dogs can exercise and run is a priority in many locations. For this reason, most cities have imposed fines if you do not clean up after your dog in a public area.
  • Estimates show that dogs need the most exercise when they are between the ages of one and a half and four years of age.

  • Making a point to clean up after your dog helps protects other pets, and humans as well. Did you know, for instance, that a single gram of dog feces can contain 23 million fecal coliform bacteria.
  • Every dog may be a little different, but on average, dogs defecate twice a day, which means as many as 14 piles of feces in just one week.
  • Social responsibility means that everyone should be in the habit of leaving all public spaces better when they leave than when they arrive.
  • Staying on top of dog waste in your own yard is also essential. Keeping dog poop picked up means that there is less chance for the bacteria in that waste to cause problems for other pets and even pet owners.

All pet owners know that they need to PICK UP THE MESS that their dog makes when they are out for a walk. Not all owners, however, follow through on their responsibility.

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