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If there was one piece of veterinarian advice for dogs that professionals could give pet owners, it would be not to believe everything they hear. There are several things that many pet owners believe that are actually, as it turns out, myths. Here are just a few.

If Dogs’ Noses Are Warm, They’re Sick.

Since dogs’ noses are typically cold and wet, it’s logical to think that they’re sick if their noses are warm and dry. However, all a warm, dry nose means is that, well, their nose is warm and dry. So if your pooch’s schnoz isn’t as cold or wet as it typically is, don’t worry about taking them to a veterinary care center to get checked out, because they’re fine.

If Dogs Eat Grass, They’re Sick.

For some reason, people think that they need to take their pups to a veterinary care center when they eat grass, when actually, it means nothing. Some think that dogs eat grass because it used to be a part of their diet somewhere back in the evolutionary chain, while other experts believe that it’s just because some dogs like to eat grass. However, if your dog starts regularly grazing like they think they’re a cow, then you should maybe take them to a veterinary care center.

If Dogs Are Sick, They’ll Let Their Owners Know.

Unfortunately, dogs will not let their owners know when they’re sick. Their survival instincts tell the to hide their weaknesses so that they don’t look like vulnerable prey to predators. Worse, if they do show their illness to their owners, the disease or condition is usually already pretty advanced. However, if your dog has pale gums, a weak or rapid pule, change in body temperature, trouble standing, apparent paralysis, loss of consciousness, or is excessively bleeding or rapidly breathing, you should take it to an advanced veterinary care center for emergency vet care.

If your poochy has a warm nose or eats grass, don’t worry about taking them to a veterinary care center, but you should be on the watch, since they won’t let you know when they do need help. If you know of any other myths that need debunking, or have any questions about when it is the right time to take your pet to a veterinary care center, feel free to share in the comments. Find out more here.

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