Three “Facts” You Won’t Believe Aren’t True

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If there was one piece of veterinarian advice for dogs that professionals could give pet owners, it would be not to believe everything they hear. There are several things that many pet owners believe that are actually, as it turns out, myths. Here are just a few.

If Dogs’ Noses Are Warm, They’re Sick.

Since dogs’ noses are typically cold and wet, it’s logical to think that they’re sick if their noses are warm and dry. However, all a warm, dry nose means is that, well, their nose is warm and dry. So if your pooch’s schnoz isn’t as cold or wet as it typically is, don’t worry about taking them to a veterinary car

Everything You Need to Know About Pet Wellness Exams

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When it comes to taking care of your dog, you want them to be in tip top shape at all times regarding their health. Taking them to a veterinary care center on a regular basis is the best thing you can do for your dog. If your dog is under the age of 10, they should visit a veterinary care center once a year, and ever six months if they are older than 10.

Around 80% of the annual revenue generated from the veterinary industry comes from taking care of dogs and cats, which includes a wellness exam.

What is a wellness exam? Just like we have yearly physicals or routine dental checkups, your pet should go in for their wellness exam in order to make sure that things are functioning as they should. If a veterinarian technician can detect a problem in its early stages, that is