Australian labradoodle puppies for sale

Sure, black labradoodle puppies are some of the most adorable furry friends you can have, but that doesn’t mean they’re all looks and no brains. Dogs like black or chocolate labradoodle puppies are capable of learning more than 250 words and gestures, counting up to five, and can even do some simple math!

And that’s not the only weird thing about black labradoodle puppies. Here are a few other surprising facts.

Black Labradoodle Puppies’ Noses Are Wet For a Reason.

Believe it or not, black labradoodle puppies’ noses are wet for a good reason. Over the course of thousands of years, dogs evolved wet noses. This wetness is able to help them determine which direction a smell is coming from, allowing them to track much better.

Black Labradoodle Puppies Aren’t Actually Color Blind.

Though it might be hard to believe, dogs aren’t actually colorblind. It’s really a myth. Dogs have a different less cones in their eyes than humans, which means they can’t see as many colors, but that doesn’t make them color blind. They can actually see yellows and blues. It’s a lot like how well humans can see at dusk.

Some Breeds Stand Out From Others.

Some breeds of dog just happen to stand out from others. The Irish Wolfhound is the largest breed of dog in the world, and the Chihuahua is the smallest. The St. Bernard, though, is the heaviest. And the rarest is probably the Cisky Terrier. There are only 350 of them across the world. Black labradoodle puppies, though, are probably the most lovable though.

Who would have thought that those Australian labradoodle puppies for sale were as smart as two-year-olds, or any of these other weird dog facts. If you know any other strange factoids about black labradoodle puppies, feel free to share in the comments.

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