“By now, you’ve probably seen the security footage showing one family’s-tough-as-nails-cat saving a four-year-old boy from a dog attack in their driveway,” WSAZ writes. “The video went viral and as a result the cat, Tara is an instant hero.” Tara is challenging the long-held notion that dogs are man’s best friend. The feline hero shows cats can be just as loyal, and perhaps even more fierce.

Cat Stuns Millions By Saving Young Boy From Dog Attack

Tara scared away a vicious pup who had grabbed four year old Jeremy Triantafilo, sinking his teeth into the young boy’s leg. Experts agree that Tara’s heroic behavior is not atypical. “They [cats] develop such a strong attachment to their owners, that they’re much more likely to kick in to a fight, rather than a flight, scenario,” Animal Cruelty Task Force President, Steffen Evan Baldwin, tells Fox News. Animal expert, Jessica Grady, agrees. “It maybe even almost sees him like a child of hers, so her first instinct is to protect him no matter what was coming after him,” Grady explains. Grady notes that the cat returning to check on Triantafilo confirmed their strong bond.

What Can You Do To Give Back To Your Beloved Cat?

There are plenty of ways you can reward pets for their loyalty. The best way, animal care services or animal care specialists add, is making sure they live a long, healthy, and happy life. Two simple ways of doing this are carefully screening pets’ foods for unhealthy fillers. The first ingredient on the label should be some kind of meat product or protein, according to veterinarians and animal clinics.

Also, remember to take cats to the vet regularly — and not just for retrospective care. Take cats to veterinary offices at least once a year. Experts recommend taking cats 10 years and up once every six months.

Cats are fiercely loyal, too — and felines like Tara prove it. Keep your cat healthy and safe with nutritional food and annual visits to the vet or animal care services. For more, read this link. Get more info here.

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