Dog name tags

We call dogs man’s best friend, but how do we show it? Here are three ways to show how loved your pet dog is:

1. Photos

People often keep photos of their loved ones around the home. Whether it’s an old graduation picture of a child, or a family portrait, or a wedding photo, people like to keep mementos of past events and the loved ones who were there at the time. Why should it be any different for your dog? If anything, it should be more important to record his big events since his life is so much shorter than the typical person’s. About one in three pet owners keep a framed picture of their dog in the home just as they would any other family member. It’s one surefire way to make sure your dog is clearly part of the family.

2. Dog Tags

Just as you buy clothes for yourself and loved ones, your dog can enjoy accessories. Dog tags for dogs are easily made and can be cheaply made in plastic. Plastic pet tags aren’t the only option though. Personalized pet tags come in all sorts of different metals from aluminum, stainless steel, or brass depending on what style you think best suits your friend. Engraved pet tags are quite popular. They could have the dog’s name, a phone number, or some other quirky etching to show your relationship with your pet. Dog tags for dogs are one way to show your love that won’t fade with time!

3. Funerals

As sad as it is to consider, eventually all pets pass away. Just as humans are buried, you can hold a funeral for your pet, even if you decide to do it informally in the yard. You certainly wouldn’t be unique for doing it; even the ancient Egyptians who are renowned for loving and worshiping cats had complex, extended, and elaborate mourning rituals for when a pet dog died. Dogs have been loved for as long as they’ve been domesticated and it’s only fitting that we send them off with as much love and respect as we received them with. How do you show your love for your dog? Find out more at this site.

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