Pet care is one of those things that most pet owners make sure they’re doing right; between taking your dog or cat to the vet for vaccinations, and making sure that they’re eating the best food, it can get pretty complicated to make sure that they’re healthy!

One thing you might be forgetting about, however, is dental care for your pets! Here are just a few reasons why preventative care for your pet’s teeth is incredibly important:

  • We forget that animals need to have clean, healthy teeth too — especially since they aren’t eating all of the unhealthy foods that lead to dental decay for people. However, it’s estimated that at least three in every four pets have gum disease by the time they’re three — so it does happen!

  • Without their teeth, your pets would be lost — just like you would be without your teeth. Poor dental health can lead to tooth decay and severe gum disease in animals; not only can this be very painful (and they don’t really have any way to let you know), but missing teeth can limit the foods your pet will be able to eat.

  • Dental health affects overall health, so it’s important to make teeth cleanings a necessary part of your pet care routine. If too many germs and bacteria collect around the teeth and gums, this bacteria can travel into other organs and cause serious health problems.

Remember, just because your pets aren’t able to let you know that their teeth need to be cleaned doesn’t mean that dental health isn’t important! Dental problems are one of the most common ailments that dogs and cats may face today — so keep your pet happy and healthy by making teeth cleaning a priority.

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