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Is there a dog alive who does not love treats? It can be tough to resist the adoring eyes of a begging puppy, and most pet owners are more than happy to indulge their pooches. Showing a pet how much they are adored through food can be a tricky problem though. While pet owners like to think they know what is best for their pet, the numbers show that over 50% of dogs in the U.S. are overweight. And that extra weight brings some serious health risks, to the point that a veterinarian may suggest a few different prescription diets to assist in controlling the pet’s weight.

Veterinarian’s like to see healthy pets under the age of 10 at least annually for their pet wellness exams. This is to make sure they are up to date on shots, with a teeth inspection and to check their weight, among other things. A prescription diet may be prescribed if the the dog falls into the overweight category, which is 5 to 15% above the recommended weight range for their breed. When a pet is 15% or more over their ideal weight range they are actually obese.

Prescription diets may be compounded with a recommendation for longer walks to help the dog trim down. Sometimes, a little more exercise can fix the problem. Not all dog foods labeled diet or low calorie are right for your specific pet. Some dogs have different needs, making it very important to discuss and prescription diets with your pet’s veterinarian before changing their feeding habits. Do not assume the internet will have the last word on pet diet advice, although there is quite a bit of information about pet food suggestions. It is best to find out what you can from several reputable sources before making a decision.

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