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Are you one of the 70% of Americans who consider themselves a dog person? If so, then you probably have a dog (or several) in your life that you love very much. In a recent survey 66% of respondents said that they love their pet so much that they consider them their best friend. Dogs have amazing personalities and quirks that make us smile every day, so here’s just a few was that we can make their life better too:

1. Regular Check-Ups – Making sure that your furry friend has access to veterinary services is incredibly important. In most cases Vets recommend yearly checkups for adult dogs so it isn’t even too much to ask. Veterinary services can aid you with anything from common ailments and infections to preventative care and pet vaccines.

2. Consistent Grooming – A lot of pet owners take their dogs to the groomers every 6 weeks or so depending on how long their hair and nails grow, but there are ways to continue the grooming at home. Some dogs love getting their hair brushed because it can feel like a massage. Some brushes now are even geared to help improve your dog’s skin.

3. Add An Extra Walk – Whether you have a dog walker that visits your dog each day or you walk your dogs before and after work every day, think about giving your favorite fur ball an extra walk sometime this week. They love spending time with you and even a quick walk around the block is good for their joints and circulation.

4. Quality Treats – It always feels good to give your dog a treat because it makes them so happy and when they’re happy, you’re happy! Wouldn’t it feel that much better to know that the treats you are giving them are keeping them healthy? Most veterinary services will offer recommendations for treats, but there are also tons of recipes online for healthy treats you can make yourself.

5. Extra Snuggles – Four out of every 10 dog owners specifically say that companionship is the reason they own a dog. With the personalities of some dogs you just know they love the companionship they have with their owner. Remember this the next time you get to love on your dog and make sure to give them an extra belly rub or snuggle to let them know you care.

There is a reason why nearly 47% of all households in the U.S. have a dog – we love our canines! Providing regular check-ups, consistent grooming, an extra walk, quality treats, and an extra snuggle will go a long way in making sure that you are making your pup as happy as they make you.

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