It can get extremely hot in the summer time. Not only do we feel the heat, our pets do as well. Some pets such as Huskies are designed to live in colder climates. They may not be used to the heat of summer. Therefore, it is important to have a cool house for them to retreat to.

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Otherwise, they may be more susceptible to heat exhaustion. This is also compounded by the fact that dogs have less sweat glands than humans do. This means less heat being expelled through evaporation of sweat. In this video, you will learn how to keep your air conditioning system running optimally to keep you and your pet cool, while also saving you money.

The first tip is to make sure nothing is partially blocking your air conditioning unit. Sometimes, downed tree branches, dirt, or other debris will block your air conditioning unit which causes it to have to work much harder. This results in a more expensive cost to cool your house and a compressor that is under a lot of stress. The compressor may even fail entirely over time if the debris is not removed. Therefore, check for debris periodically. If you don’t you may find yourself looking for a good HVAC repair company.


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