Food safety testing

Most people with pets eventually come to see them as part of their family. Because of this, many are willing to do whatever they can to keep them happy and healthy. Unfortunately, sometimes illnesses can become serious enough to threaten their lives without expensive medications or preventative measures.

The presence of heartworms is one of the most common conditions that pets can contract. While both dogs and cats can carry them, dogs are particularly known for the prevalence of heartworms. Any infected dog can carry up to 30 or more worms in their heart and lungs, while on average, infected cats carry around six or less — some may only have one or two. Veterinary diagnostics companies categorize the severity of this condition by the number of worms present in their systems, but people can underestimate the danger heartworms present in cats considering they can become dangerously ill just from a few present in their system.

In cases where pets do contract heartworms, owners should prepare themselves to pay up to $1,000 for the medication and treatment. The treatments provided by veterinary diagnostics companies, require extensive care and attention. To avoid these expensive treatments, it’s important to make the effort to administer preventative measures on a monthly basis, at least at a young age, which would add up to a bargain compared to the standard medications.

As a precautionary measure, puppies under seven months of age can be started on preventative treatment for heartworms with heartworm antigen tests. It can take as long as six months for dogs to test positive after the initial infection, so making a point to get them tested regularly is important to ensure their health. Veterinary diagnostics companies recommend getting puppies tested every 6 months at an early age, and eventually extending it to a yearly basis.

Keeping your pet safe and healthy does not have to be a difficult task with regular checkups and care. Find contract lab services for blood and food safety testing, and gain the peace of mind that your pet is in good condition.

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