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If you’re looking to build your veterinary business through online marketing, outdated or neglected veterinary clinic websites are not enough to build a substantial internet presence. Consider these tips to build on the website you already have:

    Be aware of online reviews: Pew Internet says that 58% of people have researched services or products online, and 24% of people have posted reviews or comments online of goods and services. This means that ignoring review sites is never a good policy. A few disgruntled or bitter customers can bring down your rating and chase potential clients away. This means that even if you usually give stellar service, review site readers won’t know. If you’re getting numbers that make no sense, ask the website if there’s been confusion over names and see if they can update their information so older, irrelevant reviews are removed.

    Have a good web design: If a potential client gets past a bad review to your website, they’re probably looking for poor veterinary website designs to confirm their doubts. However, if your veterinary clinic website is polished, professional and easy to navigate, they’ll be more likely to trust you over a bitter internet reviewer. Remember, a veterinarian website is often a customer’s first impression of your clinic, and you want that impression to accurately reflect your brand and values.

    Use search engine optimization: A whopping 93% of online experiences start with an internet search, so having a searchable veterinary clinic website is crucial to building your business. Targeting certain keywords and building credible links is a great way to make you more searchable, but often this is a service better left to an outsourced professional firm so you can focus on your veterinary work.

    Focus on good content: You can build SEO potential yourself through the content on your website. This doesn’t mean writing blog posts loaded with keywords. In fact, many search engines will penalize sites using dishonest SEO methods. Instead, create content that will be useful to your clients, like pet care tips, how-to guides, and diagnostic advice. This will build your site’s reputation as a place for helpful content, making it more shareable and friendlier to search engines.

Combine these tips with a friendly and helpful social media presence and watch your client list grow! Read this website for more information:

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