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In the United States, just like elsewhere in the world, we love our pets. There are over 63 million pet dogs and 86 million pet cats in the U.S. These pets are treated just like members of the family, and they even receive gifts for holidays: Americans spend an estimated $5 billion on their pets each year around Christmastime. It’s safe the say that pet gifts — for pets and their owners alike — are big business in the U.S.

But just what kinds of gifts can you buy for a pet or another person in your life who owns one? There are all kinds of gifts you can give to a dog, cat, or human, from fun pet clothing options to personalized pet memorial gifts. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for cat lovers or dog lovers, here are some ideas to get you started.

Pet Clothing
Did you know that you can get clothing for your pet? Everything from funny dog tee shirts to fancy dog dresses is available online and in some pet supply stores. Small and large dog hoodies are a good way to keep your dog warm on those cold winter walks.

Pet Toys
For our pets, there’s nothing better than seeing them at play. Buying a toy for your pet is a great way to keep him or her active. Frisbees, chew toys, and stuffed toys are all good options for dogs. Cats tend to enjoy toys that they can bat at or “attack,” so anything with feathers or on a string is a good option.

Pet Photo Albums
Pet owners love being able to show off their pets. Using a photo album offers an easy and fun solution for keeping track of your pet’s growth over time, and being able to see them when you first got them all the way to today. Pet photo albums are also a great way to remember our pets once they’ve passed, too.

Pet Memorial Keepsakes
It’s an unfortunate fact that our pets aren’t with us forever. However, we have plenty of ways to remember them in our own unique ways, and there are personalized pet memorial gifts that can help us do that. From photographs and plaques to unique items such as urns and garden statues, just about any type of personalized pet memorial gifts can be created to honor our deceased pets.

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