Does your dog seem to be experiencing a loss of vision? You, as your dog’s best friend, know your dog best. If something seems to be different about your dog and you are concerned about his or her health, you should visit a veterinarian right away. Early diagnosis is key in treating, and even preventing, many conditions.

One of the most common problems affecting the eyes of dogs is a cataract. While certain breeds of dogs seem to experience cataracts more frequently, there are many causes of the formation of cataracts. Although cataracts are a relatively common occurrence, there is still much to be learned about the formation and treatment of cataracts in dogs. This is why, in dogs, the only effective method of treatment is for dogs to undergo surgery. Hopefully in the coming years, increased amounts of research and knowledge will help to unearth less invasive treatment options for dogs suffering from cataracts.

If you believe your pet is suffering from a cataract dog owners should immediately take their pet to the veterinarian. Once at the veterinarian, the professional may be able to determine the type of cataract your dog is suffering from. When it comes to a cataract dogs’ ages can help to put the cataract into one of several categories. For example, if pets in the earlier stages of life develop a cataract dogs will be considered to have developmental, or early onset, cataracts. On the other hand, if pets in the later stages of life develop a cataract dogs will be diagnosed with senile, or late onset, cataracts.

While each dog may fall into a different classification when it comes to the type of cataract dogs will all need the same treatment in attempting to improve their vision and remove the cataract. For the treatment of a cataract, a dog’s best option is surgery. By surgically removing the lens, veterinarians will attempt to effectively improve a dog’s vision.

If suffering from a cataract dogs should be taken to the veterinarian immediately. Early diagnosis and treatment can help to take care of the condition before it becomes more serious.

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