As you may know, a huge percentage of young kids dream of being a vet. With so much love for animals, it can be easy to daydream about helping all of the puppies and kitties live a whole and healthy life. However, as we grow up it is obviously not such a black and white profession. Becoming a vet takes a ton of work and schooling, and even the road to being a veterinary technician is a long and arduous one. If you still want to get into animal medicine, it’s crucial to think about where you want to work after you graduate.

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You can work in a rescue, a vet hospital, or animal ER. To help you to make your choice, this video shines a spotlight on what it is like to work in a veterinary hospital.

Working at a vet hospital is no easy time. In fact, you will be on your feet and juggling multiple task at any given time. You will be restraining animals for the head doctor a lot of the time, or seeing to performing basic tasks like vaccines. Additionally, you will be working with a lot of other vets, so getting to know your coworkers is somewhat inevitable.


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