Dogs are great at bonding with humans. If you ask any veterinarian about your dog, they will say that they build a life-long bond with their human. It is important to start building this bond when they are young.

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This is also the best time to teach a dog how to be obedient or how to do tricks. In this video, you will learn how to train a young dog.

First, you will want to undivided attention of your pup. This can be difficult when there is a world ready for them to explore. What you will want to do is have them associate a reward such as food or a toy with focusing on you. This will make them easier to train later. To do this, start by giving the dog an award anytime it looks in your direction. You should also combine this award with a simple word such as “yes.” This will make the pup also associate this word with reward. This makes the connection stronger and allows you to use this word in the future when they do something right. It may even work without food in the future if you just use the reward word.


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