Veterinarians are trained not only in treating cats, dogs, and other domesticated animals, but also their owners. It is common for owners to be just as scared as the animals are when visiting the vet, out of concern that something is dreadfully wrong with their animal. At your animal hospital appointments, you should always ask as many questions as possible to help you understand your pet’s situation.

Does my pet need bloodwork? Knowing whether your cat or dog will need routine bloodwork is important to know before arriving at the appointment.

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Often, these services will raise the cost of your appointment by a couple hundred dollars.

Can I use any over-the-counter products to treat my pet? Chances are, if you’re using an over-the-counter insect repellent or medication, it may be virtually ineffective. Over time, fleas and insects gain immunity to these substances and render them useless over a few years. With that in mind, always trust the latest developments prescribed by your vet.

Will I need to bring in a fecal sample? If your vet needs to look at your pet’s stool during the appointment, you should know beforehand whether you need to supply one. Asking this before the meeting can ensure nobody wastes their time and your pet can be properly assessed for parasites or infection.

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