There are many times in the life of your cat when you will need to transport it in a cat carrier and the first of those times may be the day when you bring your new kitten home. Because some of the occasions when you need to use the cat carrier may involve taking your pet to Brambleton vets for treatment, you want to make sure that your cat is accustomed to traveling in the carrier and does not find being placed in it a stressful experience.

Once you begin looking around for cat carriers that will be suitable for trips to Brambleton vets, you will quickly realize that a variety of different types are available. So which kinds are most suitable for your cat? The main factors are the safety and comfort of your cat, so you will need to make sure that the carrier provides good ventilation and is spacious enough for your cat to remain in it comfortably for extended periods. If your cat escapes from the carrier during trips to Brambleton vets it could be lost or frightened, so you also want to select a carrier that is robust and can be fastened securely. If in doubt, ask your Brambleton vets what kind of carrier they recommend. They may suggest one that opens at the top, as this enables you to put your cat into the carrier easily without it dashing out immediately. Before you buy a carrier, check inside to make sure it does not have any sharp edges that could hurt your kitten. To make your own life simpler, your Brambleton vets may also suggest that you choose a carrier that will be simple to clean.

Regular visits to your Brambleton vets practice are important for the health of your kitten. However, those visits can be traumatic for your pet. Choosing a secure and comfortable carrier will help take some of the stress out of those health checkups for your kitten.

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