Consider Honoring Your Pet Like a Family Member

Pet memorial stones

Pet ownership, especially a dog, can provide companionship as well as opportunities for physical exercise. 27 percent of pet owners have had a professional picture of their pet taken with Santa, the Easter Bunny, or even themselves. Almost half, 48 percent , of cat owners say that their pet watches television. 58 percent of those whose pets pass away elect to bury the pet on their own property. It is also estimated that 1 million dogs in the United States have been named as the primary beneficiary in the will of their owner. The importance pets have in our lives is worth more than words can describe. When a loved companion passes, consider treating them like family and honor them with pet memorial stones.

Animal memorials are more common than one might think but pet memorial stones offer some closure to the unfortunate event. Memorial stones for pets offer the peace of mind that lets the owner know that their friend will be buried by their side when their time comes. From the overwhelming grief to the time of peace, pet markers and pet memorial stones also pay tribute to the time your and your pet shared together. There are many options to consider when the time comes to select pet memorial stones but the first thing to do is to think of it as a celebration of your pets life not a loss.

The biggest reason pet stones have been gaining popularity is because of the amount of pet owners in the world. With every three out of four houses owning at least one pet, pet memorial stones are a great way to keep the memory of a lost companion alive and well. The thought of burying your pet in a back yard is fine but consider the fact that one day you might move, you might renovate, or you might lose track of exactly where your pet is laid to rest. Pet memorial stones eliminate the forgotten aspect of pet burial and will remind you of just how special those years were to the both of you. Read this for more.