Cataract is a common eye problem affecting dogs and once the symptoms are noticed the cataract dog should be treated with special care. Cataract affects all breeds of dogs and cataract dog problems is found in all sizes and ages of dogs. There are three types of cataract that affect a cataract dog. The three types affecting a cataract dog are incipient or the early stages of cataract immature or cataract that has not yet become a serious problem and mature which is advanced and the cataract dog with this type of cataract will need immediate surgery. Many veterinarians feel that the three types of cataract that affect the cataract dog are not three distinct types of cataract but three stages of cataract affecting the cataract dog. Symptoms of cataract in a cataract dog should be treated immediately. Cataract is noticed suddenly in the cataract dog and there is no preventive vaccine to prevent the onset of cataract in the dog. A cataract dog loses its normal function and this can be particularly distressing when the dog is used as a guide dog guard dog or police dog.

Symptoms of cataract in a cataract dog include change in the color of the eyes of the dog the dog bumps into things and cannot see clearly the cataract dog starts squinting the dog is scared to do anything new and there is a reddening around the eyes of the dog. The cataract dog should be taken to the vet at the first sign of symptoms. Cataract is a degenerative disease and the progression of the disease in a cataract dog is quick. To minimize the effects of cataract in a cataract dog the dog should be taken for regular eye examinations to a veterinarian. Eye medications should be given correctly as prescribed by the veterinarian to the cataract dog. The cataract dog should be fed with vitamin and mineral supplements like zinc vitamin C and vitamin E. Hygiene and grooming of the cataract dog is very important. Every effort should be made by owners to help the dog because cataract is the most common and fast acting eye disease affecting dogs.

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