Spay neuter clinic az

Spaying and neutering should not be a question for responsible pet owners. Every year, millions of feral cats and dogs reproduce at unsustainable rates, causing severe overpopulation of each group. Pet owners in Arizona who love their pets should take them to an Arizona spay neuter clinic when they become of age.

An Arizona spay neuter clinic follows best practices that are humane. Typically, an Arizona spay neuter clinic will take in pets for less then a day, anesthetize them, and perform the procedure. Typically, male dogs and cats are neutered by removing testes, whereas female cats and dogs are spayed by removing ovaries. In both cases, the procedure at a spay neuter clinic az is minimally invasive. In the vast majority of cases, an AZ spay neuter clinic will discharge the pet on the same day as the surgery.

There is some debate as to what age cats and dogs should visit a spay and neuter clinic az has. In the past, the suggested age was 6 months for these animals, on the theory that they do not begin puberty before this time. More recently, cats and dogs have visited Arizona spay neuter clinics as young as ten weeks. This may seem inhumane, but cats and dogs have a greater chance of recovery when they visit an Arizona spay neuter clinic that young than they do when they are older.

The best part about an Arizona spay neuter clinic is that several rights groups endorse spaying and neutering. The Humane Society, the ASPCA, and PETA not only endorse spaying and neutering, but oftentimes actually perform spaying and neutering for low income individuals. Spaying and neutering has even entered popular culture. On the game show the Price is Right, Bob Barker reminded us to “Have your pets spayed and neutered,” a slogan new host Drew Carey continues.

Visiting an AZ spay and neuter clinic is the best thing one can do for animals. An Arizona spay neuter clinic helps control the pet population, and prevents them from being feral. In fact, a visit to an Arizona spay neuter clinic shows pets that the owner loves them.

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