Pet health insurance for pre-existing conditions

It’s normal for us to have our own health insurance but because it’s not the law to have insurance for pets, we don’t really think about it. However, having insurance for older pets can be very beneficial. There are several different options for pet health insurance plans, just as there are for human insurance policies, you just have to choose with health care for animals will benefit your pet the most. Insurance for older pets it’s the only time you want insurance for your furry friends. Puppy health insurance is also available and can cut down on regular check up costs. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of having health insurance for your animals.

You can still pick your veterinarian
It’s a common misconception that once you get insurance, you will not be able to pick your vet. That may be the way for human health insurance policies but it is not true of animal policies. Pet insurance is a lot easier to deal with than human policies. All you have to do, it’s one you get the bill from the vet, present it to your pet’s insurance company and they will reimburse your for any expenses that qualify. The insurance carrier is not the one that chooses which vet you can go to.

Any pet can be insured
You can get insurance for older pets and younger pets alike. Insurance does not determine policy depending on age, gender or breed. There may be some qualms regarding pre existing conditions but if you get pet insurance as soon as you adopt your animal, then this will not be an issue. Also, if you insure your pet immediately, you will probably be able to get lower premiums then if you insure later. You still can insure later on, it just may be more expensive.

It gives you peace of mind
There’s nothing better than knowing should anything happen, you will not have to shell out your life savings to take care of your pet. Many pets become part of the family and while we would willingly pay for them to get better, it can still be a stressful thing. Most insurance companies will cover at least 80 percent of the costs so it’s a great thing to being able to rest easy regarding pet health payments. If something does happen and your pet does become ill, you can have the freedom to choose treatment depending on the condition and the pet rather than how much each treatment costs.

Makes it easier to budget health costs
You have options when it comes to paying for your pet’s health. You can either pay monthly or quarterly as well as twice a year or even just once a year for the full premium. You can determine with way is best for you depending on your budget. Plus, if you put all your pets on the same plan, a lot of insurance policies will give you a discount for the extra pets that you insure with them.

Keeps you away from emergency funds
We all have a rainy day fund that we just hope we will never have to use. Plus, if your pet gets injured at the same time as the car breaks down, and you only have enough to tend to one problem at a time, it can be a difficult decision deciding whether to have your pet, which is more like family, seen to properly or to fix the car that takes everyone to work and school. Having insurance for older pets will ensure that your car can get fixed and your furry family member can have their treatment at the same time.

There are other benefits to having pet insurance that are not mentioned here but these should convince you. Pets often need check ups and shots so even if your pet never needs surgery or contracts a serious illness, having insurance will help pay for their annual check ups as well as flea or ticks medication and other things like this that are regular maintenance of having a pet. Also, if you never use your insurance, your premiums will likely come down year after year making the insurance policy that much more affordable for you.

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