How To Prevent Ticks On Your Dogs

As summertime rolls around, you’re likely going to spending a lot more time outside. Whether you’re hanging out in the backyard or going for a nature walk or hike, there are plenty of reasons to get outside and take your dog with you.

Being outside this time of year gives your dog plenty of opportunity to stay active. But being outside also brings the threat of ticks. It’s possible to pick up fleas and ticks during most of the year, but it’s an even bigger problem during the spring and summer months. Every year you seem to hear more and more about how this summer’s going to be the worst summer for ticks in a long time.

So how does a dog get ticks? Ticks are parasites that can attach themselves to your dog. The bad part is a tick will stay there until it dies or you use some kind of product to kill it. A tick is most dangerous when it’s in its nymph and adult stages and can even produce eggs when feeding from your furry friend. One good tip to help prevent tic