Keep your yard safe

Repel rabbits

Many of us probably grew up with the image of the cute and cuddle rabbit firmly planted in us by television and movies. Maybe, some people even had pet rabbits as children. While pet rabbits can be very cute and make great pets, their wild cousins can have quite the negative effect of vegetable and flower gardens. Often times these animals can completely destroy a garden given enough time or enough rabbits. This can be quite a headache in areas where wild rabbits are common. Some people address this problem by killing or trapping the rabbits or by calling an exterminator. While this is a solution to the problem, many people do not have the heart to kill large numbers of animals that most people consider cute. Instead, a more humane solution is to try and repel rabbits from your yard so that you do not need to resort to more drastic measures such as killing them.

Aside from avoiding the unpleasant business of rabbit trapping, there are many other reasons why it is smarter to repel rabbits instead of killing them. Often times the killing of rabbits, especially when there is a large number of them, involves the use of chemicals or poisons. When you repel rabbits instead of killing them you spare your home exposure to these toxic substances. That is because you can generally repel rabbits using all natural or at least non toxic substances. Furthermore in some areas rabbits may actually be threatened or even endangered. If this is the case then it is a much better idea to repel rabbits than to kill them as there may be some actual legal issues if you do decide to kill them. Always contact a qualified pest control specialist to discuss the best course of action for you. Continue.