Well Behaved Pets Are Often the Result of Training and Patience

A little range is good for everyone. Including dogs.
As long as a pet owner picks up poop there should no real issue when a dog is taken for a walk. What some non pet owners simply do not understand, however, is why people who own a dog cannot seem to handle the simple aspect of letting their own pets do their business in their own yards.
There are many aspects of pet ownership that require discipline and careful attention. If another dog is leashed and is getting super excited to see your dog, for instance, it is always important to ask before approaching another person’s pet. It is always important to know, for example, whether another animal is dog friendly. Sometimes dogs give mixed signals and just letting your dog go straight up to someone else’s pet is not always the best option. The best and most intuitive owners know, however, to always watch other dogs’ tail movements and mouth to get a good read for how someone else’s pet may react.
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