What You Need To Know About Your New Dog

Getting a dog is something that many people are interested in doing here in the United States. After all, rates of dog ownership are quite high indeed all throughout the country. In fact, recent data even shows that there are up to 78 million dogs found in varying households all throughout the country as a whole. This means that, effectively, there are dogs in as many as 44% of all homes in this country alone. Dogs are much loved companions in just about any given home, but it is certainly important to note that dogs are a big responsibility and that taking on a dog (or really any other pet, for that matter), a big decision to make, and most certainly not one that should be taken lightly by any means.

For one thing, first you’ll want to decide where to get your animal. For one thing, there are more options than some people are aware of – at least actively so. Getting a dog from a breeder is one option, and one that many people end up taking advantage of. As a matter of fact, up to